Liquid Tight Polystyrene Enclosures (Metric: Knock-out Holes w/ Gromments), for Indoor Installation, D 9020, D 9120, K 9040, K 9060, K 9100, K 9250, K 9500, D 9025, D 9125, D 9045, K 9065, K 9105, K 9255, K 9502, K 9504, K 9505, K 7004, K 7005, K 1204, K


We are expanding our selection of Enclosures, introducing the new Hummel Enclosure line.
For our customers this means a greater variety to choose from, Custom Solutions are also available (please provide drawing).

For inquiries - Call our Inside Technical Sales (888-453-3848) or
or Email us:

Enclosure Catalog Available

Enclosure Solutions

Standard Enclosures
- Made of Polycarbonate, ABS(Acryl-Butadiene-Styrene), Polystyrene, Aluminum, Steel/Stainless Steel
- Grey or Transparent Lids (Transparent cover made of Polycarbonate)
- Some Enclosures available with hinges & latches
- Cover screws, Assembly screws and plugs are included (where applicable)
Mounting plates, DIN rails, Hinges, Gaskets, Fastening lugs, Brass inserts, Extension frames, Etc.
Custom Enclosures
We offer custom non-metallic & metallic enclosures, modified and assembled to your specifications. (Knockouts, drilled or tapped holes, equipped with our Strain Relief products and Accessories, etc.)
Please provide drawing.