FP-108-7/DC (S-1)

FP-108-7/DC High Speed Type (S-1)

Part Number: FP-108-7/DC (S-1)

Product Standards: CSA Approved (NOTE: Any fan 12V or less do not require UL or CSA Approvals).

Specifications for Part Number (FP-108-7/DC (S-1)):VOLTAGE: 12/24/48, AIR(CFM) 140, VOLUME(M3x/min): 4.0, CURRENT(A): 0.48/0.33/0.25, POWER(W): 5.76/7.92/12.00, SPEED(RPM): 3,000, STATIC PRESSURE(inch-H20): 0.35, NOISE(DBA): 45.


Description: Size: 127 x 127 x 38 mm/ 5" in. W x 5" in. H x 1.5" in. T Bearing System: Sleeve Bearing and Ball Bearing. Motor: Brushless DC. Connection: Wire Leads. High Speed Type (S-1) Impeller: Plastic with Fiber glass fill, UL 94V-0. Housing: Plastic with Fiber glass fill, UL 94V-0. Voltage: Available FG type for Speed densor output. Available RD type for rotor locked alarm signal output.


Cross Reference for Part Number (FP-108-7/DC (S-1)):no equivalent part number for this product.


FP-108-7/DC (S-1)

FP-108-7/DC (S-1)