Circular Connector -Benefits And Features

Benefits and Features

A New Method to Connect

Slotted and pinched sockets result in a limited spring force.  The worst case scenario is contact at only tow opposing spots with the pin.  Electrical and mechanical stress of the connection can result in failure.  This problem is solved by means of a new and unique method of connecting:

The SLS® (Spring Loaded Socket) Technology

An integrated spring inside the socket makes contact with the in radial in several places.  The cylindrical pin adds support and keeps the in centered.  The electrical characteristics are exceptional with a very high degree of reliability.  The SLS®-Technology guarantees reliable performance in case of shock (acceleration) of up to 50g and continuous forces of up to 10g (three axis).

Contact Technical Picture

Integrated Strain Relief for Cable


All HUMMEL Connectors feature an integrated Strain Relief Fitting based on its patented design.  This results in a perfect retention of the cable and eliminates the need to purchase additional parts to accomplish this function.

HUMMEL - Strain Relief

The Plastic Insert accepts several different types of contacts:


Solder, Dip solder (PCB mounted), Machined, crimped and Taped mounted crimp.

Contact Pictures

No Special tools needed


Contacts can be inserted and removed without the use of tools.  This allows repeated assembly and disassembly without damaging the contacts or plastic insert.


CSA Approval UR Approval File-No. E 213337

No Tools Needed Picture



Time saving assembly and disassembly without special tools is possible because of the insert locking mechanism, patented by HUMMEL.


The EURO-LOCK-SYSTEM® clip is an integral part of the insert, holding the contacts securely in place.

Power Connector - Split Picture


Male and Female Inserts fit in the same housing Interchangeability has been a standard with the Signal Connectors for some time and is now a standard feature of the HUMMEL Power Connectors.

Panel Connector - Power (Female) Panel Connector - Power (Male)
Optimized EMI Grounding

Time saving installation is the result of HUMMEL's EMI grounding system.  The braided shield is folded back over the strain relief fitting insert.  The insert is then pushed in to the connector housing.  360° contact is guaranteed because of the integrated O-Ring which presses the stranding of the shield against the housing wall.

EMI Connector


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