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FEATURES: Economical-yet-rugged locking hub made of tough black thermoplastic. Adjustable Locking Hubs are rotary bearings that provide positive locking at any 10 increment. Once locked, the hub becomes an absolutely rigid joint, able to withstand 33 ft-lbs of torque (5:1 safety factor). Applications include adjustable fixtures, rotating fixtures, trunnion mounting, adjustable handles, foldable handles, adjustable part trays, adjustable shelves, adjustable racks, adjustable and/or fold-away work surfaces, positive positioning of lighting or nozzles, and collapsible structures. Patent numbers 5,586,363 and 5,689,999. Other patents pending.

MODELS AVAILABLE: Available only as an inline model. Hub extensions line up in the same plane. Total range of movement is 220.

MOUNTING: The version shown here has square hub extensions to fit 1-1/2" OD square tubing externally, or 3/4" square tubing or bar stock internally.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Avoid any possible pinch points, especially with heavy loads. Do not release the hub unless adequate support for the load is in place. Do not let loads swing freely.

MATERIAL: Black thermoplastic (Dupont Zytel).