Arvin Meritor integrates adjustable locking hubs into a universal, quick-adjust fixture for an automatic welder, and on a machine that parts pipe. The arm is used as a fixture to hold the pipe and allows the operator to keep hands out of harms way.

Advanced Manipulator Specialists, Inc. uses locking hubs as an effector on tools for General Motors, allowing for ergonomic adjustment by the operator.

Creative Ergonomics uses locking hubs on an end effector to allow the operator to remotely change the angle of operation for ergonomic benefits.

ALMACO uses locking hubs inside the cabs of agricultural combines to allow quick adjustment of a touch-screen control panel.

Raytheon Corporation uses adjustable locking hubs in the Saudi Patriot Range Support System, a mobile, self-powered instrumentation, test and communication system. The monitors fold up and conform to the userís position.

Lockheed Martin uses adjustable locking hubs on board the C-130 aircraft in a folding joystick platform at an operators console, to control camera operations.

This end effector was manufactured by Jomat Corporation for General Motors. The hubs allow it to adjust to reduce ergonomic stressors for individual operators.

Midland Forge, a division of Columbus McKinnon, uses adjustable locking hubs to allow machine control panels to swing out of the way for easy maintenance access and to adjust for operator convenience.