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Bolts and Screws

Stainless Steel Bolts and Screws



Cap Screws and Bolts

  • Hex Cap Screws
  • Carriage Bolts
  • Lag Screws
  • Tap Bolts
  • Machine Screws
  • Anchor Bolts
  • Elevator Bolts
  • Eye Bolts
  • Plow Bolts
  • U-Bolts
  • Thru Bolt

Machine Screws

  • Slotted Pan 
  • Slotted Round
  • Slotted Binder
  • Slotted Oval
  • Slotted Truss
  • Slotted Fillister
  • Phillips Pan
  • Phillips Round 
  • Phillips Oval
  • Phillips Truss
  • Phillips Flat
  • Phillips Flat Undercut
  • Indented Hex 
  • Trim Hex Head
Sheet Metal Screws

(All Types)

  • Slotted Pan
  • Slotted Oval
  • Slotted Truss
  • Phillips Pan
  • Phillips Oval
  • Phillips Truss
  • Phillips Flat
  • Hex Washer Head


  • Self Drilling Screws
  • Step Bolts
  • Thread Cutting Screws
  • Wood Screws

Key Benefits:

RPP Distribution is affiliated with several large Fastener Manufacturer's specializing in direct Mill shipments to Fastener distributors.

We offer a wide variety of Imported standard, Semi-Standard and Special Fasteners manufactured to print and customer Specification.

All products are Manufactured according to DIN, ISO, JIS, BS, IFI, & ASTM/ANSI. most of our Manufacturers are ISO 9002 Certified.

We monitor all elements of production to ensure consistent on-time delivery. Material certification and detailed inspection reports accompany all shipments.

RPP Distribution operates on a made to order basis, straight from the mill. We take care of all customs clearance, custom duty, international freight, and inland trucking and deliver the parts to customers warehouse. In order to offer you the most competitive prices in the market, your order are always shipped from our overseas mills directly to your door.

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